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Eezy Spirit is a top specialist in organisations, management and team research and development. We carry our every project according to customer’s needs, supporting the development of their business. We are a trusted partner in employee and customer experience development as well as leadership and expert assessments and business coaching.

We emphasise especially the pragmatic utilisation of survey results. Our task is to produce and refine data into reliable information and to offer evidence-based development services to our customers. As customers’ partners we may contribute to the improvement of working life quality.

Our aim is to reach and maintain quality leadership in our chosen specialty areas. In Finland we are clearly the market leader within the field of employee surveys. We are also one of the very few companies that is able to provide reliable baselines from dozens of countries, and to both produce surveys and deliver reporting in over forty (40) languages.

Eezy Spirit is part of Eezy Group and operates in Helsinki, Turku, Oslo, Munich and London.

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