Our story

The story of Eezy Spirit (formerly Corporate Spirit) began in 1986.


Corporate Spirit changes its name to Eezy Spirit and is part of Eezy Group Plc.

Corporate Spirit Oy is part of VMP Plc. VMP Plc changes its name to Eezy Group.


Corporate Spirit launches it’s new research and development platform Cixtranet4®.

The new, intelligent platform combines the data, reporting and utilisation from different research projects.


Corporate Spirit announces for the second time Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces achievements for top Finnish companies.


Corporate Spirit celebrates its 30 years.

Corporate Spirit starts co-operation with Norwegian consulting company Impaktor AS.

Corporate Spirit buys Finnish research company IC Insight and strengthens its position as a market leader in employee engagement surveys and 360 assessments.

Corporate Spirit announces Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces achievements for top Finnish companies.


Corporate Spirit starts co-operation with German consulting company Breitenstein Consulting.


Corporate Spirit AB was founded in Stockholm, Sweden. Juha Ala-Lipasti was nominated as Managing Director and Helena Fernström as Country Manager of the subsidiary.


The third version of reporting system Cixtranet® was launched. The new system in customer’s point of view enables a more efficient and easily manageable research process, unit-based reporting, effective tools for utilising research results and an e-learning platform to improve learning and sharing information in an organisation.


Corporate Image changed it’s name to Corporate Spirit. The new name illustrates our core know-how, which combines organisational development and creating Spirit. With 25 years of strong experience we produce meaningful insights in terms of research, knowledge and experience that support our customer’s global businesses to succeed.


Corporate Image decided to focus its main business on HR surveys and sold its external research business to Add Value Research, who in turn sold its employee survey business to Corporate Image.


Corporate Image bought the research business from one of it’s main competitors, Psycon Oy. Six new research talents joined the company with the acquisition.


The staff of Corporate Image celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company traditionally in Ritarihuone, Helsinki.


An office was opened in London, UK, whereas the Espoo office in Finland was moved to new, modern facilities in Northern Tapiola.


Corporate Image became the leading employee survey provider in Finland when measured by number of respondents. During the same year and office was opened in Stockholm, Sweden.


A project was initiated to utilise modern technology in reporting international, multiculturar companies’ employee surveys. The result of the project was our interactive online-reporting system, named Cixtranet®. The company celebrated it’s 15-year anniversary in London, UK.


The Turku office was moved into new facilities, where a new Call Centre using state-of-the-art CATI technology is also opened.


The company launched the first surveys to be completed via the Internet in Finland. 


The company celebrated its 10th anniversary at Ritarihuone, Helsinki.


The company expanded its operations to Espoo in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. 


Licentiate in Economic Science Jukka Pohjola, establishes the research company Corporate Image Oy in Turku, Finland. Right from the start, the company’s business idea was to specialise in extensively tailored internal and external corporate image surveys, demanding B2B customer relations surveys and optimisation of the usability of survey results.

Coming into the market, the company represented a completely new, customer-oriented and very quality-conscious way of thinking. From this point forward, these aspects have held a key position in the development of the company’s operations.