Interest Groups

Impaktor AS is an expert company specializing in leadership development, change management and HR services in Norway, both in the private and public sectors. Together with Corporate Spirit, Impaktor implements survey and utilisation services in Norway.

This Is… Ltd is an organisation and leadership development company operating in London and Dublin. Its wide range of products and services helps organisations going through change. The This Is… Ltd team is comprised of top-level business management professionals, organisation and leadership experts and business psychology and coaching consultants. In cooperation with This Is… Ltd, Corporate Spirit produces employee surveys tailored for airports according to the AirPeopleTM concept.

Breitenstein Consulting offers a holistic, scientifically-based and solution-oriented approach to professional Change Management Consulting.  The company provides expert support for the entire duration of a Change Process by means of customised employee workshops, assessments in addition to individual and group coaching sessions. In co-operation with Corporate Spirit Breitenstein Consulting markets consulting survey concepts to its existing and new clients in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

Corporate Spirit is a member of the Finnish Association for Human Resource Management – HENRY ry. HENRY ry is an independent, nationally recognised association of professionals responsible for the management and development of human resources. Its goal is to promote its members professional skills and provide opportunities for mutual interaction. HENRY ry creates conditions for the development of human resources management and contributes to the competitiveness of Finnish companies and organisations. The association works actively throughout Finland as well as in international networks of human resources professionals.