VMP changes its name to Eezy

– operations remain as before, but better and more diversified

VMP Group acquired Corporate Spirit in Spring 2019. Now the company changes its name to Eezy.

Dear Customer!

After the merger between VMP and Smile, which took place during this fall, we have operated under several simultaneous brands. Now all these different brands will unite under one roof as a new company called Eezy. The new name will be confirmed in the extraordinary general meeting in December. Eezy’s services include staffing, organisational development, recruiting and self-employment services.

Through this reform, we will be able to be an even better partner to you than before. We will continue to support you in developing an even better working life, the well-being of people as well as company culture in ways that work the best for your specific organisation. Due to this change, there are even more of us to serve you, our services are more diversified than before, and we know the Finnish working life even more profoundly than before, all the way from Hanko to Utsjoki.

The changes in work life challenges us all. The fact is that none of us knows what the future will bring, and our crystal ball is not any brighter than anyone else’s. Yet, we are certain that we have an opportunity to create the kind of innovative working life we want to see tomorrow.

We here at Eezy believe that success is not done with resources but rather with doers and excitement. We offer you the ability to utilise the most diverse and passionate group of doers in Finland with swiftness and ease. In addition, we offer you our own tools that will allow your company to achieve its best potential. Your contact person and your contract will remain the same and we will continue our collaboration as before.

Please be in touch with your contact person or me, if you are interested in hearing more on this topic or you have a challenge that we can help you with. Our image and contact information will be unified into one in the upcoming months.

Let’s fulfill our work life dreams together!

With excitement,

Sami Asikainen Chief Executive Officer, Eezy Group
sami.asikainen@vmp.fi, tel. +358 (0)40 700 9915

Laura Santasalo, Corporate Spirit Ltd, CEO
tel. +358 (0)50 506 5060