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Moving towards a shared goal with two strong brands

Oras Group is in a post-integration period. Four years ago, Oras Oy and the Germany-based Hansa Metallwerke AG joined forces in a merger of two strong tap manufacturers. At the core of the Group’s operations is a single shared goal: making the use of water easy and environmentally sustainable.

Oras Group specialises in advanced sanitary fittings. The Group has achieved a strong position in its key market in Europe. Going forward, Oras Group is pursuing international growth with nearly 1,400 dedicated employees and two strong brands. Oras Group’s products combine electronics with plastic and brass to create intelligent and beautifully designed sanitary fittings.

Shared values point the way towards the goal

The newly integrated Oras Group still has a young organisational culture. According to Sakari Toivonen, Vice President, Human Resources, value-based leadership is essential in Oras Group. “In value workshops involving management and personnel, we defined four core values for the Group: courage, fairness, effectiveness and openness. The example set by the management plays a key role in putting these values to practice. We aim to make it clear for the entire organisation what the values mean in each individual’s work and how they are reflected in day-to-day operations. The decisions we make in our daily work are guided by our values,” Toivonen explains.

Strategy-focused employee survey supports business development

The results of the employee survey are used as an annual development tool at Oras Group. “Each team and/or organisation reviews its results together, thinks about ways to build on its strengths and prepares an action plan based on the identified development areas. The Group’s HR function monitors the implementation of the measures and, if necessary, serves as a facilitator in the review sessions. The HR department has also participated in facilitator training for this purpose,” Toivonen adds.

“The employee survey is an important development tool for us. We have achieved strong commitment among supervisors and middle management to the long-term development of operations and ensuring the effective implementation of our strategy.”

The engagement perspective of the PeoplePower® employee survey conducted by Corporate Spirit for Oras Group supports the company’s performance-oriented culture. The results of the survey help create the right preconditions for achieving goals and implementing the strategy. “The employee survey is an important development tool for us. We have achieved strong commitment among supervisors and middle management to the long-term development of operations and ensuring the effective implementation of our strategy,” Toivonen explains.

Key findings put into practice at the operational level

Oras Group has a high response rate in its employee survey. The fact that the company conducts the survey creates expectations among personnel. The management is responsible for meeting these expectations. It is important that the process of development is maintained and that the concrete actions are visible to the entire organisation. Oras Group has implemented more than 150 development measures based on the results of the 2017 employee survey.

Supervisors have received the employee survey well and Toivonen also highlights the role of the intelligent Cixtranet® survey system as an effective tool for organisational development. “We are particularly satisfied with the matrix report generated by the system. It provides each team with a useful overview of its results. The supervisors can then take the lead in digesting the results into concrete development areas,” Toivonen says.

Success is created together

Oras Group aims to put greater emphasis on collaboration. For an international company, it is important to create a consistent operating culture that highlights the employees’ responsibility for their own work. The employee survey has led the company to place special attention on developing the personnel’s prerequisites for working as well as efficiency and flexibility.

“We want to genuinely engage our people in the development of Oras Group. We encourage our personnel to take responsibility for their work and develop their skills related to the working community. Everyone can think about ways to be better managed and operate more effectively,” Toivonen adds.

Oras Group is the Nordic market leader in sanitary fittings and one of the leading companies in its industry in continental Europe. The Group has two strong brands in Oras and Hansa. The Group’s parent company Oras Ltd has its office in Rauma, Finland, and the Group’s production facilities are located in Rauma, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. The Group operates in 20 markets with its own personnel. Oras Group’s annual revenue in 2016 amounted to EUR 245 million and it had 1,354 employees at the end of the year.