Smart technology solutions

In order to facilitate the reporting of survey results, Corporate Spirit has developed the CIXTRANET® system, which makes it possible to look and utilize at the results from a wide range of viewpoints. This intelligent system is available online and the results can be examined in over 40 languages.

Reports with dynamic graphic compiled in CIXTRANET® also include separate analyses and conclusions drawn up by our research group regarding the true significance of the survey results, as well as individualised recommendations for measures to be taken in order to benefit as much as possible from the results (available for printing in PDF format).

Additionally, the system can be used to generate a clear, unit-specific report, which makes it easier for supervisors to determine the results of the unit and define measures to be taken. The Action Plan tool makes it possible to register and monitor development measures. Digital workshops and other development material is also available via Cixtranet system.

The CIXTRANET® survey system can be found at